Join our team of amazing dancers and compete at the highest levels.

Being a member of Center Stage Performing Company is the perfect way to refine your skills and showcase your talent.  Competitive dance offers the opportunity to develop your child’s confidence in his or her dance skills while having a great time!  Team members also learn the values of discipline, motivation, and hard work that will last for a lifetime.


Our Local Company is the perfect opportunity for the 8 and under dancer who has been dancing recreationally and wants to experience the excitement of competition. This program offers a minimal time commitment and is perfect for the newcomer to competition. The Local Company attends 3 competitions within the local area.


Perfect opportunity for the dancer who has been dancing recreationally and wants to experience the excitement of competition dance. This program offers a minimal time commitment and is perfect for the newcomer to competition but also for the full time dancer looking to take a step back from the commitment of a full time program.


Our award winning competition team is geared for the more serious dancers who choose dance as their primary activity. Focus, dedication, ability, technique and positive attitude are needed. This program offers intense conditioning and technical training. Students gain the technique they need to compete through training in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Tap and Acro. Our full time program gives our dancers the ability to pursue a career in dance. Our dancers learn more than just dance, our programs teach valuable life lessons, time-management, responsibility, self-discipline and self-confidence. These traits benefit our dancers in any career he or she may choose.

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  • Creating Friendships That Last!
    At Center Stage we are more than a dance studio, we are a family.

    One of our strongest traits is to build bonds with our dancers and parents. It outwardly effects our students and their relationships with other dancers and faculty. We all are parts to a greater machine and when we come together our unison and communication stands out.

  • We are Dancer Oriented
    Our dedication to the individual dancer is what strengthens us as a group.

    At Center Stage we emphasize the individual so that each child can strive to perform at his or her highest level while maintaining a positive self-image.

  • Our Friendly Environment
    As a studio we produce a positive and friendly environment that motivates and strengthens our dancers.

    We are not out to beat anyone; instead, we hope to motivate both students and faculty by exposing them to the highest caliber of talent. Only then can we produce the best dancers possible.

  • Asheville's Premier Dance Studio
    For more than 37 years Center Stage has worked tirelessly to produce the best dancers.

    For more than 37 years, Center Stage has offered the best dance training in Western North Carolina. Through participation in competitions, we hope to instill in our students and appreciation for other dancers and studios.

Company Showcase

Check us out during some of our recent performances.

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Does your child LOVE to perform?
Center Stage will hold auditions for the 2018 – 2019 on Thursday,
May 24, 2018.


2018-2019 Company Auditions for ages 6-8

4:00-5:30 Audition Time
3:30-Registration (Ages 6-8)
4:30- Jazz

Check-in is at 3:30. Please register online prior to arrival. Cost:$30


2018-2019 Company Auditions for ages 9-11

5:00-8:00 Audition Time
6:00- Jazz

Check-in is at 4:30. Please register online prior to arrival. | Cost: $45


2018-2019 Company Auditions for ages 12 & up

5:30-8:30 Audition Time
6:30- Jazz

Check-in is at 5:00. Please register online prior to arrival. | Cost: $45

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