Here are a few things we need your help
with to make this recital a huge hit!

The entire studio is working hard to make this year’s recital, “Decades”a show to remember! Dancers are working hard to finish and polish their dances! During the next few weeks, special events will be happening at the studio and we want our wonderful families to be well informed.

Decades Cast List
We have posted a list of dancer’s names on the window across from our office. Please make sure that the spelling of your dancer’s name is correct on the cast list as this is how it will appear on the Programs.  Parents can make corrections directly on the list and the office will take care of the rest.
Creating a Dazzling Performance
Class performances are most successful when everyone is in attendance at practices. When rehearsing a group dance, having just one dancer missing can really affect the progress of a piece. We find that students who do not have absences and practice what they learn each week have the easiest time of remembering their dance on the day of the recital.
Wardrobe Assistant 101
It is very important that when we distribute costumes that you have the costume, info sheet and all accessories with you and that it is put it away for safe keeping when you get home. Please do not let your child play in their costume! In most cases the week we distribute costumes is the last week we can order a replacement so if it is lost or damaged your child may not be able to participate in the recital dance.
Are you a VIP?
Behind every great star there is a V.I.P. (very important parent)! Each class will need a parent volunteer for both the dress rehearsal and the recital to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible. This VIP (very important parent) must feel comfortable with keeping the class back stage, helping them change and getting them lined up for their dances. If you are interested in becoming the VIP for your child’s class, please stop by the office or email
Make-Up Artist 101
Michele Lee, Studio Director, will have a daily demonstration of how to put on makeup and how to fix your child’s hair for recital during rehearsal week (This will take place Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 5:00pm).  Everyone is invited to learn the tricks to making a perfect bun and the ins and outs of stage makeup in advance so that you don’t have to worry about it on the morning of the recital. 
Spotlight your Dancer!
Want to advertise your business to a local crowd?  Want to purchase space in the recital program to place a keepsake ad for your dancer? We can help!  More information about advertisements and deadlines will be available during Picture Week. Placing your ad within the Center Stage Recital program guarantees your ad to be seen by over 3,000 people.
Photoshoot for our Stars!
Photographic Elegance will be at Center Stage March 27-30 to take pictures of our fabulous dancers. Pictures will be taken during your child’s regularly scheduled class time. Dancers will need to be dressed and ready in their recital costume by their class time. 

Want to be featured in our 2017 Recital Program?

Find out how you can take advantage of space in
our Decades Recital Program for your dancer, business or organization.